RM350.00 - RM600.00

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Foot Run

Cost Range : RM350 - RM600 per foot run

Carpentry work is one of the factors to consider in the renovation. It also provides an opportunity to make your house look more beautiful with the warm beauty of natural wood. But when building custom wooden built-in furniture and furniture, how do you know if you are worth the money, especially if you are just a layman who is not familiar with trading? The average cost of carpentry will depend on the type of material used for the kitchen countertops to study tables to wardrobes and so on.

TV console, study table, shoe cabinet, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet and kitchen countertop. How much does it cost?  All these will sum up to a huge amount. Also, please note that the price also depends on the design difficulty and the design depends on your style and preference.

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