Cost Range : RM100 - RM120

While there are certainly lots of jobs that you can easily do on your own when renovation. However, electrical work is best left to the professionals, it is not recommended to do electrical or wiring work yourself. If you have a problem with the wiring in your home, or you need to upgrade, it may be difficult to repair it without specialized skills or tools. Unlike piping or mechanical operations, which can check and check their working conditions by themselves, experimenting with electronic equipment may cause serious personal injury or even death.

There are hundreds of meters of wires running through your house. These wires are very important for powering electric lights, ceiling fans, air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, etc.

As we buy more and more equipment and appliances, finding a power outlet to plug into the power source becomes a challenge. This problem often occurs with TV consoles. We may need to plug in TVs, game consoles, Internet modems, Wi-Fi routers, sound bars, etc. If we have a lot of appliances on the counter, it is also a problem in the kitchen.

Besides that, electricians can help add more power outlets by extending existing wiring. Depending on whether you want to flush the new power outlet into the wall, they may also need to trim the wall to create a channel for the new wiring and outlet. If you don't want any hacking, you can simply lay the wiring along the wall and cover it with a wire duct.